So eBay is using your browser to port-scan your LAN:
I haven't been able to discover these shenanigans on though.

"One of these days I will deliberately learn how to vertical space in Latex documents instead of twiddling around until it looks about right" and other lies you can tell yourself while crying over homework.

Anybody up for a blazing fast alternative SDK for , Auth, and Storage? Samuel Gozi has reduced the bundle size to about 6KB and drastically sped up performance 😮

It hasn't reached feature parity yet though and stuff like real-time DB bindings are still missing but this is exciting nonetheless for all devs using firebase right now.

Oof you know that feeling when you're trying to re-awaken that software side-project that's been laying dormant for months? The excitement of picking back up something you're passionate about paired with the dread and reluctance that comes from knowing how badly documented everything is?

Nothing quite like it!


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