How often do you use the Fediverse? (Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey etc.)

@AaronTheGuy The Fediverse replaces birdsite in my usage pattern now that the latter is changing ownership. It was as good a reason as any to jump ship.

@raphaelmorgan To be fair, the every day group might be heavily overrepresented at this point in time

@AaronTheGuy I promise I have a brain, it just didn't activate until your reply i feel that this has an inherent bias in it, since someone who uses fedi heavily is far more likely to see it because they use fedi heavily

@evelyn Yep, also realized this. Not a poll one should take to serious. Still cool too see all the (like me) :blobcatgoogly2:

@evelyn @AaronTheGuy well-known joke in Russian: "according to the recent poll conducted by the state-owned polling organization, 100% of Russian population have an internet access (the poll was conducted online)"

@AaronTheGuy X3 Checking it daily. (Mastodon I mean, didn't use any other Fediverse plattform yet.)

@AaronTheGuy I've been on and off since there was Since Elon Turd said he was going to buy Twitter, I've started using this account again and decided to stay. The air is fresher and cleaner here :blobcathappy:

@AaronTheGuy Question should be: How many times per day you use mastodon :mastodance:

0, I have never used mastodon and likely never will
If I just sit on fedi all day and take a brief break for breaklundinner, is that two times?

@AaronTheGuy the fediverse is the only social network I use, so I check this more than 3 times in the day. ❤️ :fediverse:


The fact that it is more ethical might have sparked an internet addiction. :ablobblewobble:

@AaronTheGuy It used to be less often, but as more people migrate here from that other site Mastodon and Pixey, the other federated site I sometimes use, have become more active and interesting, so now I'm here every day.

@AaronTheGuy There are several surveys that should follow this one:

1. How many instances are you on? (IE, I have Mastodon, PixelFed, and 3 WordPress my answer would be 5.)

2. How many platforms are you on? (Given my example above, I'd answer 3.)

3. How often do you post on average? (I'd say something like 5-10 times per day.)

@AaronTheGuy I just started one of them...we'll see how it goes and follow up with others...

@AaronTheGuy fun fact: a poll with a time limit of 7 days may underrepresent the part of population that uses fedi less than once a week ;)

@AaronTheGuy Asking this openly over the Fediverse, surely the results won't be biased too much 😅

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