My expierience has been very good so far. I havent tried very demanding titles yet but the ones I tried worked well.

Controls and haptics also feel good, although the latter could be better.

The UI has its problems imhop but it works once you've figured out its perks.

Desktop mode also feels good. Flatpack offers a wide range of software to Install so I have no fear of using this as dailydriver pc.

Im really looking forward to

@AaronTheGuy Sounds really good! (kinda wishing I preordered one, despite me really not wanting to pay that much)

Nice to see you like the haptics (I’ve heard they aren’t the best) - that means they are good enough

I would be very interested in yuzu peformance if you get round to testing that.

@AaronTheGuy that sounds cool. I don't game but am very interested in how the thing performs as a portable PC, especially docked to a desktop setup.

@AaronTheGuy do you mind if I ask which version of the steam deck you got?

@AaronTheGuy it's really a fantastic piece of hardware. Its been able to handle most games I've thrown at it. I love that I can hop over to desktop mode and just sideload any games I want, because really its just a PC haha

@AaronTheGuy I've heard that it has a read-only root filesystem, how do updates work?

@soarinskyhigh I think its just updating the entire root partition.

@AaronTheGuy that sounds like it takes long, are the updates done in a different manner or are they a one click solution like how popular oses tend to do them? I think that was what I tried to ask originally. I hope I'm not being annoying but I don't know anyone that has already gotten one yet, everyone I know is focused on getting gpus first.
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