Always remember * devs dont owe you anything. You can ask them for something but never demand them.

They are offering their freetime and working power and rarely ever get something back.

(*Free/Libre Open Source Software)

@AaronTheGuy That's not true in general. A lot of #FLOSS* devs are paid for their work. You could even hire a dev yourself to fix a certain bug. Most linux kernel devs are being paid for their work and big companies earn lots of money with linux. So it depends.

@andreasgoebel Of course for bigger projects many are but funding is still an ongoing problem for many projects. Most smaller projects will not get a significant amount in donations

@AaronTheGuy Brett Cannon wrote a fabulous blog post about this:

My favorite bit:

> With this example in mind, do you think it is reasonable to go up to my front door, knock, and then proceed to yell at me if you didn't like the software you chose to pick up off of my front yard for free? 🤨 How about leaving an angry letter in my mailbox? Or a flaming bag of 💩 on my doorstep? Or standing in the middle of the street in my town and yelling about how much you hate my software? This is what it's like when you email me angrily, open an issue in anger, or complain loudly on the internet. Does any of that seem reasonable? To me, this actually ranges from rude to unethical.

@AaronTheGuy, always remember that people don’t owe you anything. You can ask them to never demand but they don’t have to listen to you.

As a free software dev, I don’t mind people demanding me things. It doesn’t mean that I will satisfy everyone’s demand though. Life is a lot easier if we all make conscious decisions instead of obeying strangers on the interwebs.

@cnx Fair, I think the main thing is that people stop flaming vulenteers. I just get rude requests from time to time and it annoys me. Of course most people are nice

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