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I recently had it pointed out to me that I should do an post! So hi! I'm a clown, stiltwalker, juggler, musician, starting to work on some acrobatics, and I work for a ( I have a BA in German, and am hoping to start practicing speaking with people more often in German. I was invited to come and try out Mastadon by and have been enjoying it thus far.

Playing around with , managed to list my mastodon account on my page. Which is pretty cool.

And the clowns are being silly in their living room again. .. and who knows who else will be there. Maybe You!


I haven't done any research on bottom surgery for trans women in like twenty years - back when I was figuring out I was trans and coming out. then I stopped paying attention to it because I didn't have any money and didn't expect ever to have any money, so why torture myself. but now I have good insurance and see money and am thinking I'd like to pull this fucking trigger but I have no idea where to start researching. are you someone who knows anything about this? help

"The ritual is complete, and you are now a lichenthrope."

"Yes! It's always what I've dreamed of."

"Every month on the full moon you will now turn into a mat of fungus and algae."

"Wait what?"

@RussSharek Thank you all for hanging out with us! We had a great night :)

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And, for the end of , we're celebrating @RussSharek 's Birthday tonight, opening up Emperor Norton's Coffee hour now, and will be circusing in our living room later this evening.

I've long assumed that my birthday falling at the end of International Clown Week was more than a mere coincidence.

This year, I'll be unofficially celebrating all night in our #CircusInPlace video chat.

Please pop in starting at 7pm (UTC-5) to have a coffee with the birthday fool, watch my partners and I practice some acrobatic silliness, and chat with the lovely Fediverse people who keep this soon to be slightly more vintage village idiot company.

Finally starting to get my website to a place where I am proud of it. Constructive feedback welcomed.
#art #artist #photography #painting #clouds

Anyone got any tasty vegetarian dishes for someone who can't cook?

And once again, as part of , the clowns are doing acro- sillyness in their living room. Come join us!

People, throwing stuff at me: THINK FAST
Me, actual juggler and fast-thinker : Ok, done.

thoughts on mental health crises / suicide (I'm fine) and a hotline is provided 

Sometimes when I hear the number for the suicide prevention hotline given, I feel a bit skeptical about the delivery.

Because I imagine myself in their place.

It's one thing to go "yes I want to kill myself I should talk to someone about it"

and another to not realize "I want to die" is not a normal feeling to have in most cases. But you're not suicidal, right?

I've used these hotlines before (I'm not one for talking, so I usually use the chat lines. If you feel you are in crisis, go to this site, and it will direct you to which number to text and what to say )

but only ONE time did I recognize I felt suicidal. Most of the time I felt like dying, and that my problems didn't matter.

That's why I personally feel maybe while you should mention suicidal ideation when giving out these hotlines, you should also mention being "in crisis" or "having a crisis"

Now, I know they're trained not to hang up, but never once after using one of these did I feel like I wasted their time after I calmed down.

How do you define crisis? For some it might be that their world is ending. That they see no hope. and yes, "Covid has ruined my life and I can't cope" IS a crisis.

In which case I hope you use the hotline, as above.

This is not meant to be a subtoot of anything. I just feel we need to change the dialogue around suicide. Around mental health. Talk about what is and isn't an acceptable thought to have.

PSA: if you are thinking of hurting yourself violently, or going to sleep and not waking up, that's a bad sign, get some help!

And today is our first edition of !!
so yeah, the clowns are working out in their living room. Come hang out!

Happy International Clown Week!

Here's a minor victory we unlocked during last night's #CircusInPlace video chats:

I'll be lying here on the couch letting my abs rest until Monday, when we'll be back for more of these shenanigans.

#clown #juggling #circus #acrobatics #gymnastics #SillyHumanTricks

NewPipe - Free (as in freedom) YouTube, PeerTube, SoundCloud and MediaCCC client. NewPipe is lightweight, ad-free, privacy-oriented. It doesn't require Google Services.

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