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I recently had it pointed out to me that I should do an post! So hi! I'm a clown, stiltwalker, juggler, musician, starting to work on some acrobatics, and I work for a ( I have a BA in German, and am hoping to start practicing speaking with people more often in German. I was invited to come and try out Mastadon by and have been enjoying it thus far.

@Avalon and I will have our virtual circus workout open at 8pm UTC-5 tonight.

Even if you aren't working out, we deeply appreciate the company.


Which one of you convinced nextdoor dot com people to go out every night at 8pm local time and awoo?

My #clown students are now watching famous women of comedy to discuss tomorrow night. There's a lot of Carol Burnett and Lucile Ball being consumed.

It is a good start. Have any recommendations to toss their way?

officially kicking off tonight's virtual #clown gym a little early to drink coffee with anyone who wants to pop by.


Our home gym is open :) we're drinking a coffee right now, but will be stretching etc quite soon! Come play :)

*our* not out. Not deleting and redrafting since @RussSharek already commented :)

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Will be holding out video gym again this evening at about 7pm CDT/UTC-5. There's no requirement that you be working out at the same time (though it is an encouraging environment in which to stretch/condition/skill build!), we've had people doing all sorts of things, and it's just fun to talk and share stories while we try not to break ourselves trying new acrobatic things. Will post the link when we open the call.

CW: Eye Contact Selfie 

So the Penguin has been keeping me company during all this. I was shown this crochet pattern;

But as I can't crochet, I commissioned a friend of mine to make him for me! And she enjoyed doing so so much that she's added him to her etsy store.

So, if anyone else would like to have a computer buddy, whether you make him yourself or not, now you know where to go!

Thanks again all who came to see us! We had a wonderful time, hope to see many of you again on Friday!

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Our home gym is open! We'll probably be stretching and warming up for the next hour ish, and then more shenanigans after that! come play :)

@Avalon and I will have the virtual circus gym open around 8pm CST. Will post a link shortly.

Having people keep us company while we train has been a wonderful experience. We end up telling stories, looking at other people's art projects in progress and generally feel a tiny bit of much needed human connection.

We will be opening up our at home circus gym jitsi call around 8 CST tonight :) Hope to see some of you there! Same link as it's been, I'll post it again when we open the call!

Just tossed together a script to use to bring up our usual calls in an chromium app window. I'm also working on using dmenu to manage my bookmarks. ..I'm learning so much during this shut in!

april fools joke of yore 

No need to order proper "juggling balls" either. While tennis balls aren't great, it's possible to learn with them, or you can ball up socks if you weight them with some popcorn or rice, or you can make them with some spare party balloons like in this tutorial

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