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Saw #CirqueBerserk in #London tonight. This woman stood on her hands, shot a bow with her feet, and hit the yellow on the bullseye. Definitely a #Hanzo main. (#overwatch joke)

if you have a personal web log, please reply with the url!

an attempt to collect everyone’s blogs - so as to not let precious non-commercial content go unread and unnoticed - is likely the only time i’ll ever ask:

please boost this toot.

@shel *opens the Homestuck System Reference Document*

well, you see, when six trolls love each other very much, there's a special... bucket...

One of the best lessons that I learned in juggling is that it's OK to drop things. Everyone drops things.

I think I need to apply this more to my life. It's OK to drop things and make mistakes.

My interview is online!


A relatively high number of these facts are true, I feel really vulnerable about how much of my personal life is mentioned and I'm shaking with excitement about what this means for me and all the idiots I work with.


A few months ago a friend asked me to do an instrumental cover of a song her sister loves for her sister to use as her wedding processional. I was about to be in the middle of a move and have very little experience recording/mastering music, so I said I'd think about it, but that they should look for other options Today I checked in and they still haven't found one. So I'm taking on a project (no promises) with a two month deadline as a way to force myself to learn some . Woot!

When I hear then phrase "Youtuber" it evokes the sense of calling someone a potato.

I wish it were easier to express the difference between

"I don't like to look at ads because they annoy me"


"I'm terrified of what the advertising-driven web is doing to the balance between user privacy and the insatiable corporate hunger for more eyeballs"

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"I recently wrote a post about Facebook being a needy sonofabitch. They desperately try to get you there, and once they have you they do all they can to keep you there. It’s like a restaurant that bombards your doorstep with flyers until you finally pay it a visit. Once you go there, they lock the doors from the outside and begin force-feeding you from the buffet."


You can identify an alpha male by the way he glitches out, crashes, and spontaneously deletes your files.

Beta does less of that, but can be distinguished by sloppy or unprofessional presentation.

Honestly better to wait for a stable release.

Finished a 30 day today! A month of jumping rope, push ups and practicing backbends everyday (except a few planned rest days)! I'll start a new one tomorrow!

Jade: "Yay! I found my Hufflepants!"
Me: 🎶"The Hufflepants is your chance to do the Puff! Do the Hufflepuff. Uh-huh! Do the Hufflepuff."🎶
Jade: "Whyyyy?"

Chucks my be awesome shoes.. but not in this new York weather.

I just had it pointed out to me that Paddington Bear suffers from a variation of the Keaton curve.

This is why I love my job.


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I was talking to my dad about Meltdown and Spectre and he told me that no one with malicious intent would ever get access to his company's computers so they're safe. I'm not the greatest at computer, but I don't think that's how this works.