Anyone have "learn to juggle" on their to-do list for this next month or so? I've been honestly wondering whether having a video call over a platform like jitsi would be any more helpful than just watching any of the many video tutorials out there, and would love to have a few test cases to find out! So I'm offering one on one instruction to the lovely people out here on the fediverse. Just let me know and we'll set up a time!

No need to order proper "juggling balls" either. While tennis balls aren't great, it's possible to learn with them, or you can ball up socks if you weight them with some popcorn or rice, or you can make them with some spare party balloons like in this tutorial

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Party balloon balls worked great for me when I made those years ago!

The rubber does wear over time so they are not forever.

@Avalon ✅ done. But I can only juggle up to 8, so if there are 9 items I’m gonna need a bag.


Awesome! That's really impressive. I can do a decent 4 ball, and can flash 5 on a good day. Any tips for high numbers? I have mostly focused on low number tricks and pass juggling with clubs.

@Avalon Impressive yes. It took many years of being locked up in isolation on tropical island where they’d toss bananas at me for food. I learned on bananas.

@RussSharek assures me that juggling bananas is harder than one might expect lol

@Avalon Actually can only juggle 3. An old housemate went to circus school in Vermont and she was the one who taught me, but she was more of a laso wrangler.

That's still very cool :) I learned how to do a very basic lasso at one point, dunno if I still can or not. Can you do juggler's tennis? It's a fun trick to add to a basic juggle to vary things up.

@Avalon I was once known as the Andre Agassi if juggling, even won a grand slam at Denny’s back in the day, which got me kicked out by the waitress.

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