Restoring old stuffed animals 

So, when I was very small, my mom bought me a giant stuffed horse from a garage sale. She's moving, and offered to send him to me. She de-stuffed him for shipping, and it turns out that it was originally filled with -I kid you not- styrofoam bricks. Some handwashing, about 13 pounds of polyfill, and a bit of sewing later; I have my friend Strawberry back!

wenbiesday pic, gender exploration, eye contact 

Realized I haven't shared my new look with the fedi yet, figured is a great time for it, since I'm getting to play with some androgynous aesthetics that has lead to the exploration of some interesting androgynous feels.

Opening up our circus living room again tonight at 7pm UTC -5

I'm excited to be working skills and seeing people on my birthday!

So the Penguin has been keeping me company during all this. I was shown this crochet pattern;

But as I can't crochet, I commissioned a friend of mine to make him for me! And she enjoyed doing so so much that she's added him to her etsy store.

So, if anyone else would like to have a computer buddy, whether you make him yourself or not, now you know where to go!

New shoes! Trying out the barefoot idea for day to day, as well as looking to get a new circus apparatuses to play with that hopefully they'll be good for. I'll share more as it happens! Anyone else have opinions on barefoot style shoes?

Adding new "merit badges" to my computer as I explore new things. :toot: 😊 (though having properly earned the bash one makes me question whether the one I earned by using ... I may have to retroactively earn that one)

Has anyone done any interesting projects bringing an idog back to life? I have an old one that seems to be dead and it seems like it might be a fun casing for an alarm clock or something with a pi of some kind but I would barely know where to start.

He was a fun gadget when I was a kid and I kinda miss him.

clown picture, silver outfit, NYE 

My clown got to go to a new years eve party tonight, and she dressed like she was "from the fuuuuuuutuuuuuurrrre". It was a fun night :) Happy New Years everyone!

Spent the afternoon on a after flying in for my mom's upcoming wedding. Kept seeing these guys around and thinking about the Pixar Piper.

Food, vegetarian cooking 

Kung Pow Meatless Pieces does not have the ring that Kung Pow Chicken does.. But it is super tasty!

So, yesterday I didn't get to drawing something for because I got distracted. I found this really cool place in Austin called Craft. So I spent my creative time there. I still remembered to do something with the prompt though!

Something clearly hatched from this.. But I somehow doubt it's a chicken.

day 2. Tranquil

@RussSharek says I'm stretching in calling markers ink, but it was fun to play with something different. I never liked markers as a kid, always favoring coloured pencils.

I had the song "Do You Know What I'm Seeing?" By Panic! At the Disco stuck in my head the whole time.

day 1 Poisonous. My rough sketch of a branch on a Chilean Lantern Tree.

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