notebook finding question 

Anyone know of anywhere online that I can spec out notebooks? I know that a roughly 6x8 notebook with lines that are 8mm apart that's got about 250 pages in it really works for me for my bujo, but I don't know how to go about replicating that. Last time I had to get a new bujo it was safe to wander into stores and physically compare untill I found the right thing, but that doesn't sound appealing currently.

unpopular opinion, USA pandemic 

don't host a Thanksgiving dinner in person

do not attend a Thanksgiving dinner in person

stay with your current household only

And the shenanigans were successful :) Thank you all for joining us, I"m quite tired, so I'm gonna go to bed now. See y'all on Wednesday!

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Clown shenanigans in our living room! ..which I suppose could discribe a large majority of our shenanigans of late.. but the point is, we'll be in a video call while we do them. Come join us!

Hello Monday, you're not so scary because I know you'll end with a lovely video chat with my friends in #CircusInPlace

Come improve your Monday night starting at 8pm UTC-5:

@kelbot @cwebber It's ... mostly functional... I'm running mobian, and there's been plenty of days where I just sigh and wait to update it again/deal with whatever weirdness occurred when I have the time to. If I wasn't staying home right now, and mostly communicating with people via the internet, it wouldn't be daily drive-able yet.

@RussSharek Hey, you're the one who found that an awesome human makes instructional videos. I'm just the one watching them all :P

the witches book spoilers 

@myconidiosyncrasy So, a quote indicating this fact is in the book I'm currently reading 'Inkheart' and I was just like.. what?


I keep learning new things about migraine. It's a heinously understudied disorder so science is still learning a lot about it, and still has a long way to go. But it is definitely a brain disorder which has impacts far beyond the attacks which are the things most people will identify with it. So we can very legitimately call ourselves neurodiverse people.

@ljwrites It may not be usual, but it's totally healthy, and 'normal' by definitions of everything I've heard about how kids grow. From my understanding, most parents just don't let their kid outside that much. I'm glad Tater is getting to stretch his legs and go on adventures :)

Thank you all for joining us. New Friends and old friends and lots of sillyness :) See y'all next week!

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Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!! followed by :) 'cause we need caffeine to do silly things. Join us :)

Even the smallest victory is a victory. Celebrate! Celebrate often and without hesitation!

Tonight #CircusInPlace starts an hour early so the #clowns can enjoy a #coffee with our #fediverse friends.

Grab a beverage and join us, with #circus shenanigans to follow!

starting at 7pm UTC-5:

Thank you all for joining us, we had a blast! See y'all Friday :)

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Feeling down?

Nothing cheers me up like spending my night with #clowns, #hackers, and other wonderful folks from around the world.

Come see if it works for you!

The fun starts at 8pm UTC-5:

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