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Thank you all for joining us! I personally had a hard physical night, and having cool people to chat with made it much better :)

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Coffeee tiiiiiiime! We're opening up our jitsi chat for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour! After we caffeine up, we'll be doing shenanigans for the rest of the night :) come join us!

Thank you all for joining us :) I don't know who shared us with the fosstodon crew, but it was lovely to meet some new people! We'll be back on Wednesday!

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Tired of *the world*? come play with us at . We're making an effort to keep it politics free, like we typically do. I hear that there will be mad engineering, and we'll be bringing some shenanigans as well.

And it's FRIDAY :)
So that means it's time for the Emperor Norton Coffee Hour!
Join us for some chatting and coffee, and/or shenanigans during the rest of the night!

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$ sudo ku

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Things I did not know:

My #clown partner has a Fire Ferrets shirt that she hand made, and intends to wear to tonight's #CircusInPlace video chat.

Come for the shirt, stay for the shenanigans.

We start an hour early tonight, so we can have a coffee with our #fediverse friends. See you there!

Tonight at 7pm UTC-5:

And we're done for the evening. Thank you all for joining in, it was a wonderful night it felt like we did good :)

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Ok, this time we really expect to actually stay up late. We did end up wrapping it up a bit early on Monday, so I'm not promising anything other than shenanigans. But shenanigans of some kind there will be!

and once again we're late to our own gym night! But we'll see you there!! (and we'll be there till quite late)

Mental Health, Neurodiversity, suggest a book book list! 

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, by Judith Kolberg and Kathleen Nadeau.
My copy is from 2002, so it's not the most up-to-date resource, and it oversells itself a bit, but it gave me a lot of ways to work with my ADD, and many of them I still use. It was one of the first places I saw the idea that it was ok for me to need and get support from others around me, and explained how to get that support, without feeling like a burden.

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Mental Health, Neurodiversity, suggest a book book list! 

Inspired by another toot, what are books that have really helped you work *with* your brain? Neurodivergencies overlap so much, I think it's worthwhile to make a list that's inclusive to all mental health stuff. Can you give me a book or website that helped you, with a quick summary of what it really helped you with?

Note, that URL is wrong!

#CircusInPlace is at this URL:

My apologies for my terrible thumb typing. Every time @Avalon stands in my hands I'm convinced they get a little, worse.

See you tonight!

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Does anyone have any suggestions for homeworks strategies for a 9-year-old with attention deficit disorder? How to increase focus? How to help him to be better organized. I need a list quick tips.

Blast from the past! I was downloading copies of videos from my old youtube channel so I can shut it down, but then found this video posted by a fan (my dad) of that one time I was in a rock band.

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