testing bitwarden with vaultwarden now... felt like going fancy... lets see if i miss keepass mid term


I believe that the interface is better than the one KeepassXC (which I currently use) offers. And I have to put up with a lot of work and hassle to sync my passwords accross my computers at work and home and to my phone and tablet. But in any case, I sync a locked file and my (pretty long) passphase never leaves my devices.

That gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. 🤓

@Bart_Wux try syncthing 😉 really awesome syncing between multiple devices and different OS @milan


@ShinIce @milan

I've always wanted to take a closer look at . Somehow I never did because I have a working instance of Nextcloud with which I am quite happy. It does what I need.

But I remain curious, so I might indulge myself quite soon.

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