Is it possible to submit an to without having a account?

I appreciate fdroid very much, however I find it disappointing that their main repo is hosted on a commercial business site like and that any contribution requires a account.

I am not willing to accept the unilateral, unfavorable tos of in order to be able to contribute two apps to fdroid.

Is anyone aware of an other way to achieve this?

@Billie @IzzyOnDroid lol, the totalyl different view than

here: ahh, this is too centralized, move away!
there: ahh, I need to create yet another account, better centralize this!

So… 🤷

already made a great step towards federation by introducing .

However, a private repo still comes with a lot of disadvantages up to now.


@Billie @IzzyOnDroid Federated merge requests when

(yes, I have the URL to the issue, just meming 😀 )

@Billie I'm fully with you and wish F-Droid was on Codeberg already... You can of course ask someone else to file the rfp for you. I don't know where you host your code; if it's on Codeberg or Github, make an issue in your repo for that and ping me.

I won't make that a general offer, though - I'm already drowning in other tasks. So no guarantees I'll pick up all those requests 😋

@Billie @IzzyOnDroid you can ask in #fdroid matrix/freenode channel for the fdroid-anyone account credentials. I don't have them at hand but they were created for this reason.

Tanks for this! however at the moment @IzzyOnDroid is filing it for me and thankfully guides me through this process

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