Is it possible to submit an to without having a gitlab.com account?

I appreciate fdroid very much, however I find it disappointing that their main repo is hosted on a commercial business site like gitlab.com and that any contribution requires a gitlab.com account.

I am not willing to accept the unilateral, unfavorable tos of gitlab.com in order to be able to contribute two apps to fdroid.

Is anyone aware of an other way to achieve this?

@Billie @IzzyOnDroid lol, the totalyl different view than setho.org/@mase/10289402143115

here: ahh, this is too centralized, move away!
there: ahh, I need to create yet another account, better centralize this!

So… 🤷


already made a great step towards federation by introducing .

However, a private repo still comes with a lot of disadvantages up to now.


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