Version 0.52.2 is out!

This update is all about wind: new wind icons are available, and the wind speed can now be displayed in m/s, beaufort (bf) or knots (kn).

Visibility can now be displayed in nautic miles or imperial units (miles&yards) as well.

The update should be available @ soon.

The project is hosted @ , you can visit the project homepage:

GPLv3, uses DWD open weather data, does not track you.

I am a little confused about the usage of these symbols. Usually I would read wind the wind from a chart according to this legend:

To my knowledge this is the international standard. Have you found a different definition?


Is this not exactly the same? See their example, "read as northwest wind at 25 knots"

Oh, sorry, my bad: Somehow I overread the unit was Beaufort...

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