removes exif data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.

The app has an apk size of only 356 kiloBytes.

It it downwards compatible to 4.0 and also has been successfully tested to work well with display sizes as low as (320x240 pixels only).

is available at and you can visit the project homepage at :


Yes, it is always good to have more than 1 app for a purpose.

However, just to do some advertising :awesome: :

- has some basic painting features on board
- can pipe multiple images at once

@Bobo_PK @Billie I like how scramble exif works great for quick exif data removiable if I just want to share a photo to lets say discord.

@jason123santa @Bobo_PK

I think basically does the same like scramble exif, but has some basic paint functions included.

Is there anything you are missing with ?

@Billie @Bobo_PK
Image pipe does not do anything differently just that scrambled exif is easier but it is 4.5mb vs 356kb

@jason123santa @Bobo_PK

However, to be honest, the apk size does not really matter on modern devices.

@Billie 350k is an impressive apk size!

I really struggle to get may apps below ~1MB.


Fun fact: the GPL copy takes a lot of the 350 KB 😁

How I accomplish it: simply NO third party libraries. Not even androidx.

@Billie there is ObscuraCam also for bluring faces. I will try this one out though, thanks for sharing

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