Are you all going to move off of GitHub, because of this news that it has been purchased by Microsoft?

@funbreaker Yes, probably. We need to discuss what's the plan but leaving Github has been in the team's mind for some time and this event will probably speed things up. It's not straightforward though, as we have many pieces of software tight-coupled to Github. Also it would really make more sense to leave Github if there was federated alternatives...

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@yunohost @funbreaker Totally. At the same time, Yunohost can help here in an insurrection way. Make it easy for people to self host the alternatives (Gog's, Gitea, Gitlab etc) and there will be more demand for federation in these services, not to mention devs interested in implementing federation to scratch their own itch.

For the moment, just making Gog's/Gitea/GitLab official one-click to install apps in Yunohost would make a big difference!

@Blort @yunohost @funbreaker Gogs already works pretty fine according to our automatic tests.

There are apps for Gitea and Gitlab but they could use some help/humanpower to make those high-quality apps 😉


@aleks @Blort @yunohost @funbreaker I have been working on decentralized alternative for our own needs (tickets and merge requests already working cf. goffi.org/b/9555cc02-6a87-4b6b) for Salut à Toi (based on XMPP). Would love to see it in Yunohost, it's also doing blog/"social network", forum, chat, events, etc. (compatible with Movim).

And it's not Git only.

Help would be useful to improve design also, it's easily themable.

This is build decentralized and with ethics in mind from the ground up.

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