And following yesterday's release, we are happy to open the beta-testing phase for YunoHost 3.0 on Debian Stretch, as well as the migration mechanism for those on Jessie ! 🎉

It should now be relatively okay to run YunoHost on Stretch, as long as you are comfortable with command line and prepared for a few bugs and apps incompatibility 😅.

Hoping for a stable during June, depending on how things goes 😉 !

More details on the forum post :


@yunohost Are there any new features besides Stretch compatibility?

@Blort Yes and no : this comes with version-bumping for some software parts like PHP (of course, which speeds things up btw), postgresql, rspamd and metronome.

There are also improvements / rework of how we do a few things internally, like our deb build chain, or having semi-automated image builds for x86, RPi and other arm boards. Also cleaning / small UX improvements in the install script.

So no real fancy feature for the end user, though there are some in the pipeline 😉

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