works best when we're pioneering something new that the entrenched players don't even want to think about because it's against their business model.

Right now, is creating something really interesting and new ( the ) by being an interoperable layer connecting previously separate proprietary services. , and won't share content and comments, but , and (+others) will...

? 😢

@Blort that's exactly what excites me about it the most!

@prismo @Blort yeah. #diaspora really is lagging behind. Forget ActivityPub - where's their Api? :(

@thinkMoult @prismo @Blort

Friendica development is quite active at the moment, I think they are planning ActivityPub support?

@switchingsocial @thinkMoult @prismo

Makes sense. Mike M has always liked the idea of connecting to multiple networks. Slightly surprised they didn't as this long ago.

@Blort @prismo From what I've seen from Diaspora, they are making their way into ActivityPub but really really slowly.

At least from the issue thread I've been looking at.

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