gets all their videos blocked worldwide by . has their page closed down and their backers refunded without any notice as to why. All the projects hosted by now have their hosting at the mercy of .

And this is just a few of the recent examples.

When is the community going to learn that we need to create and run our own infrastructure as well as apps?

Support infrastructure! (eg , , etc)


Because they were big enough to get a lot bad PR for YouTube when this happened. *Eventually* they managed to get it unblocked after a ton of popular media outlets ran large stories that were very sympathetic to the blender foundation and making YouTube/Google look very bad. Eventually YouTube backed down and unblocked the videos. What would have happened if the blender foundation had been smaller, or backed down on monetization or didn't get media traction, though?...

@Blort didn't didn't actually have something to do with forgetting to send the new GDPR notice to the foundation, automatically terminating their account because thay haven't accepted the newtos?


For a bit there it looked like that was the only agreement they were being asked to sign. From the last update by the Blender Foundation on though:

"According to another person in Youtube we now *do* have to sign the other agreement [possibly accepting monetization] as well. You can read it here.

I’m not sure if we should accept this."

Regardless, the point is, who gets to decide the rules here. Is it us? Are they being written by us in our interests?

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