@moonman not necessarily. There are plenty of #FreeCode analytics packages (#Matomo etc) that could be built in or integrated using plug-ins.

@moonman also, I believe #PeerTube is building in the ability to do accurate view counts and some replacement for 'likes' across a federated platform, which could be re-used for a #fediverse podcasting platform

@strypey @moonman Not sure how a federated platform really could accurately count views, as any of the nodes could be lying. As far as I can see, it works require some Bitcoin like leger of each view to be verifiable. That would be prohibitive though, as views are much more voluminous than transactions in BTC.

@Blort @moonman the same way
> Not sure how a federated platform really could accurately count views

the same way any other network of #BitTorrent trackers do?

@strypey @moonman

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like a different problem to me. I mean, if you want to confirm another node has a bit of a file, all them to send it over and confirm the hash, sure.

If you ask how many views they've served for a video, how to confirm when they tell it's 10,000? This is more like asking how many times a file has ever been downloaded by everyone, than how many seeders there are or similar. Does BitTorrent show that?

@Blort @moonman my understanding is that a tracker can identify leachers who never seed, and give them lower priority on downloads than users who do seed. I'm not sure how the tech works though, and it could be I'm totally wrong. Some discussion here:


@strypey @moonman

What's interesting about that link is that it confirms nodes can lie, but that they suggest nodes can compare how much has been uploaded to what the other side says has been uploaded to try and catch faking. I still think this could be spoofed by telling each node that you uploaded a ton to other nodes and then incrementing by the actual amount uploaded by the real amount as each node can only check it's own figures. I'm no expert though.

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