Love and , but are still using ?

Give an open equivalent, (Open Neural Machine Translate) a try! There's a live page (similar to Google Translate) at:

...or contribute at (comes in , and variants)

Hmmm, that's sound nice but I still like and use #DeepL more often because of its accurate #Translations.

@Blort An interesting project… that uses Google Analytics.
Epic fail.

@Blort it's missing a third of the languages i speak 😾


It's open source. Get creative and help out with improving it!

@Blort Neat! I'm actually kind of amazed how well it fares against Google Translate in Swedish to English translation.

@Blort I get this:

Error! Route not found for service: accountId: 0, service: Translate_sl_fr, selectors: {owner: Systran, domain: Generic, size: M}

@teleclimber I'd file a bug report on the issue tracker at the contribution link above.

@Blort Still doesn't have the main language I need to translate regularly :/

@Blort @vfrmedia My problem is that I don't have a large English-Thai-Japanese-Spanish-Indonesian parallel corpus to train a MT. Even if I have, I make take a month to train it on my computer. 😅

@Blort Thanks for the heads up, #OpenNMT sounds very interesting.

PS. You’re still being tracked on the page (it has Google Analytics). Not easy to escape given that we live under #SurveillanceCapitalism but, hey, better than nothing :)

Do you know if there are open datasets anywhere else or a completely FOSS deployment? (Might be an idea.) :)

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