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Fuck reCaptcha.

I am sick of doing unpaid labour classifying images for Google.

We need a captcha widget that contributes to the global commons instead of siphoning value into yet another proprietary lockbox.



I've been saying this for a long time. For quite a while there was just a lack of projects that could really use humans help with the kind of AI training that recaptcha does for Google.

Fast forward to today, and I'd love to see "Fosscaptcha"* (*does not exist) being used to help OpenStreetCam's FOSS machine learning algorithms to identify signs/crosswalks etc for OpenStreetMap

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I was so excited to see this when I first clicked on the link, as this is exactly the kind of project I've been wishing existed.

So sad that it says it closed in 2014😢

If only someone would pick this up again and create a WordPress comment plugin using it, it would be so much better than having everyone train Google's AI's and improve Google's map data...

@Blort @rory @cquest

Seeing the lack of software available on the #remaptcha side, I've asked maproulette how feasable it would with their tool github.com/osmlab/maproulette3

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