If you run your own server, answer this:

Do you have a distributed, , automatic, offsite, free solution?

How amazing would it be to install a Nextcloud app and automatically have all your data encrypted, backed up around the world, on other Nextcloud installs rather than some mega-corp, for no cost beyond sharing some of your unused storage space?

Please help make this happen, by boosting and supporting this issue now:

@Blort Tahoe-LAFS is another option which was explored as a storage backend for backups in FreedomBox.


Yeah, Tahoe-LAFS would be another great option, even if their name isn't anywhere near as cool as "Interplanetary FIle System" ;P

The trouble is that both have been around for years and STILL NO NEXTCLOUD APP!

I care which, less than I care seeing SOMEONE make one of them happen.

Instead we only have the Sia thing which strikes me as decidedly shady/complex, having to mine some startups obscure cryptocoin to buy storage space... Uh... no thanks.

Nextcloud + IPFS / Tahoe-LAFS ftw!

@Blort it’d be more interesting if it was bit torrent to be sure, but sparse torrents aren’t commonly supported yet.
@swedneck @Blort

bigger network, better tech. there’s some inertia there because of the existing user base, but all of the “new” ipfs features have been on the standards track in bit torrent for ages. it would be nice to see people pushing the envelope with solid tech that doesn’t have a hype train behind it.

@Blort I'm pretty sure the $12 I pay Google for unlimited storage is hurting them more than it's helping them.

@Blort I'm still all in favor of IPFS, though.


I would suggest that most of what Google makes from you using their storage, isn't from the $12 you pay them. Even if you encrypt all your stuff before giving it to them, you're still giving them multiple data points (what devices you use, from geolocatable IP's, how heavy a user you are, the fact that you're the kind of person who uses encryption etc).

In unison, coupled with statistics and machine learning, these data points often reveal far more about people than we tend to assume.

@Blort They're getting terabytes of encrypted data, so in terms of useful information they're getting basically what you correctly assumed about me + my IP address, which I'm sure you could find with approximately two clicks and two keystrokes as well. It's only ever used for automated backups, so whatever it's tracking isn't my behavior.
Don't get me wrong, I agree that it's not ideal to use Google for anything, but for my own sanity I make some compromises when I can justify it for myself. 😶


Yeah, me too. :) I'd just love to see a really easy, all FOSS way of protecting all the people self hosting so they'd still have all of their data if their house burned down... that didn't rely on our GAFAM friends... Seems to me that Nextcloud+IPFS/Tahoe-LAFS could be a pretty sweet match. :)

@Blort I would like to look into it and play around with it to find out if it could be a viable option. While my Google method works, I do have a lot of free storage space, and $12 less per month is $12 more I can spend on something else after all.

I'm backing up straight from the FreeBSD box that houses my disks, though, like this:
So it wouldn't really need to integrate with Nextcloud in any way.

@Blort this is literally all I need from my nextcloud to make it absolutely perfect: a way to seamlessly make encrypted off-site backups. And since we’re talking terabytes here, conventional commercial cloud is not really an option


Kinda related:
I have a vague memory that support for Storj was going to be shipped with NC16 - but I have'nt seen anythere there either.

@Blort does it encrypt the data? otherwise, I had this exact idea. it's smart. what scares me tho, is evil nodes. I thought that maybe we could create networks between friends/trusted people, and make it work for any kind of backup.


Thanks for reminding everyone the importance of having robust backups, especially for Nextcloud, which many of us use to self-host valuable personal data.

In my next post, I'll share my current #Nextcloud backup regime.

My Nextcloud backup regime 

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