If you don't currently , but are interested in the idea, I'm curious to hear what's kept you from doing it?

If you *are* currently , what would have made it easier for you to get started?

Personally, I do, however I was surprised at how many common technical problems weren't automatically taken care of automatically. Most took a lot of research, experimentation and community support, even for someone like me who is pretty tech savvy and enjoys tinkering with computers.


Namely, on (which I otherwise ♥️ ) I ran into:

* No automatic port testing, to let me know why connections weren't getting through (I ended up using port testing websites)

* Nothing to detect/account for a dynamic IP address (ended up using to auto-update the IP of my domain name)

* No automatic configuration of to get around a cheap router that doesn't support . This still stops me from accessing my services from my phone when on my home wifi.

@Blort all of those are in our (absolutly stupidly gigantic) todo list of things to do but ... time is really a spare ressource :(

First one will probably the first to be done as Aleks is working on an automatic diagnostic system for domain configuration, this one is really the major self hosting blocking difficulty right now.

Second one will be for later, we have some lib that can talk to DNS register API but have yet to integrate it.

Last one we have no one that have this knowledge yet :(

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