@aaronpk What would it take to log into different ActivityPub services with Indyauth *using the same ActivityPub account*.

For example, logging in to both and using the same Indyauth domain, and see notifications and replies from both services on the one account.

Presumably Indyauth would have to be extended somehow to know what the primary ActivityPub account was? Maybe something like a homepage link with rel="me-primary" or something?

@odesa @aaronpk

Either would be better than what we have now. Personally I think that nomadic identity is super cool, but technical enough that it may be difficult to get most users to really understand it. That said, I'm just tired of having to create new accounts with separate sets of notifications for every single service.

Anything that fixes that and is easy to use would be a good thing (which is why in my first toot I said "Indyauth sounds cool or anything else")

@odesa @aaronpk

Personally, technically correct or not, I would consider to be a type of . It's still solving the fundamental problem of having multiple unconnected identities all over the place.

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