Just ordered my !

Super excited. I don't care if it takes weeks / months to come, or is delayed. I don't care if stuff is broken or non functional yet. Just to be able to contact friends and look at stuff online, on mobile, without operating system level surveillance is worth it x100 for me.

Can't wait to help the community!

Thanks /#Apple'! Your Orwellian relationship , aka "contact tracing" plans gave me the final push I needed to make the leap.

:awesome: 📱

@Blort I could order a PinePhone. A have enough of a budget. But right now I don't think anything other than essential supplies are shipping internationally, so it could be many months before anything happens.

I also want out of the Google hellscape. I'd prefer to have a phone which when you power off actually fully powers off, and doesn't keep the baseband or bluetooth alive. It has become very apparent during the pandemic that everyone is being geofenced, even if their phones are "off". I don't want to be a prisoner of technology.

I expect that PinePhone will remain "hacker grade" for quite a while, but it's something I could perhaps help to improve.

Sounds like they're shipping in about a week, as soon as the current batch of Pinebooks have gone out... Just sayin' 😁

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