just bought .

Move your images to a *community run* project instead! How? Simple:

1. Download your images:

2. Upload to :

3. Enjoy giving a giant, fat middle finger to . 🌻 🌈 🌻

4. Boost and have a nice day!

Oh, and just a reminder...

5. DELETE all your images off while you still can!

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@Blort Thanks, wasn't aware of so far but always felt a bit ... uncomfortable to use.

@z428 Yeah. At first I was onboard because I saw it being promoted by peeps, then when I looked at their website... I looked elsewhere and found . :)

@Blort I don't think there is *any* use to that. You have given the right to reuse your images when you first uploaded them to Mapillary, you can't revoke that.

"You and each Mapillary User hereby grant to us the perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, fully paid-up, sub-licensable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of, perform, display and distribute without restriction (including via any medium) Content, in whole or in ... etc, etc"

@pbb You can't revoke the right to use the images, but currently they still have a way to delete them.

Yes, they could keep a copy and use it anyway. I don't believe they're doing that *yet* though. If they scoured through backups and pulled out all the deleted images, it would currently introduce more noise than useful data. I suspect their new Facebook masters will remove the ability to delete images from the main database quickly though, which is why I recommend removing them *now*.

@Blort @pbb ugh, thanks for the heads up. When first using OsmAnd the thought of using a proprietary app, even if the data is open, struck me as a bit odd but I played along.

@Blort OpenStreetCam was acquired by Grab Holdings.
Probably better than Facebook Inc. but Grab is a Uber-like company, based in Singapore.
Shall we trust them to do "the right thing" with our pictures?


Oh Shit :-(

Yes, I see the problem and can confirm: Same here!


[A Screenshot from #uMatrix for, showing #3rdParty from, and (and also ]


@f4m8 @Blort Boosted,liked,found this reply,oh shit,unboosted,unliked 🙄 Normally I double-check sites before I boost them but from my deep hate against Facebook I just wanted to have a good alternative and didn't expect that 😢

dont forget to delete your #Mapillary account.
...but wtf how?

@Blort Thanks a lot for this info!

I wonder how can I use those tools when I was connecting to mapillary by account? Any advice?

@Volpit @Blort

Hi everyone, if you are interested on how to solve the "I don't have mapillary account" problem then look here on how to resolve this issue.


>offered by Grab Taxi Holdings Pte. Ltd. (and/or its related corporation)

how is that "community run"?

it's not even open source

but it seems the better option here


The apps are open source (eg the source for the Android app under an MIT license is at )

You're right about being owned by a company in Singapore though, which I missed. Sadly, while this is still better than being owned by Facebook, you're right that it's not community owned and thus imo there's still a danger of the same thing happening here that happened with Mapillary. :(

Two steps forward, one step back. sigh.

@Blort TIL exists.

Sadly, it doesn't display anything useful after initial loading, only "Loading OpenStreetCam...". While #JS is doing its loading, I see a ton of connections to #Google and #Facebook. So much for giving Zuckerberg the finger.

After a nice long wait, I end up with a perfect blank white page.

Yeah, par for the course for corporation-run websites. What I don't understand is how any sort of #FOSS community could be okay with this.

How would the community earn money with this?

@wend I don't understand the question and/or context. Please re-ask the question.


Well, the FOSS community will most likely not earn money with an alternative StreatCam service. So the development and operation will be underfinaced and probably not evolve enough to compete.

@wend Asking for donations can work, or knowing where to find suitable sponsors.

However, if your first instinct is to sell your users' data, without their consent, to known privacy abusers, you don't deserve to make any money.


@Coffee @Blort and the alternative Owner looks not as FOSS...
"Grab Taxi Holdings Pte. Ltd."


Have tried this on Google & Yahoo & it works. Do you know if any other search engines are doing the same such as DuckGoGo?

Is there a 3rd option? OSC began so well as Open Street View 4 years ago but it has grown up so badly, and now is property of an asian company.
On the hand, the source code of the apk is available, so maybe it could be possible looking for trackers and delete all them

@Blort Confirmed:

"Mapillary Joins Facebook on the Journey of Improving Maps Everywhere"

Today, we’re excited to share that Mapillary has joined Facebook to be part of their open mapping efforts....

@Blort Hate to burst your bubble but OSC is owned by some weird cab company in Southeast Asia with an even worse track record than Facebook.

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