Whatever happens... I just really hope that the and the are able to run the same apps.

That said, right now, even on the pinephone it seems that and and and and are all running their own differently packaged stuff... :/

@Blort is it? I see it if they are running differently, wayland, mir, and so. But the flatpak stuff i have is the same on every system, even desktop.

Sadly I think that it's the way it's going to be for a while.
One of the reasons I gave up on #UBPorts is that the packaging has to be just so, so developing applications became a real hassle.
I got the impression that it must be that way in order to save space on the device, but maybe a common format for the extra build steps would at least enable the same app code to be made into several packages.

#kde Neon Plasma Mobile has alerady embraced flatpak and IMO that's a good step towards this direction. There is also discussion about switching to maliit keyboard.

@Blort Packaging is not really a blocker. On the Linux desktop we have like a dozen different packaging formats but we can still run the same apps on all distros.

There is no major reason why Plasma Mobile apps wouldn't work on Ubuntu Touch and vice versa, it just needs some attention to the details

Great! Hopefully everyone keeps working towards this. Right now, you see completely different apps uniquely available in different distros.

I'm also hoping that we avoid recreating similar issues to how desktop and apps look and interact differently in each other's desktop environments (but with even more environments eg ,, etc).

There's so much good work being done. I'd love to see a unified ecosystem emerge made of diverse parties working together.

Different applications offering different UI/UX, based on different HIG is not necessarily a bad thing. What's important for Linux mobile communities is to work in common on issues that affect all of them; they have already done pretty good work in communities like halium and pinephone. But there is always room for improvement.


Yeah, I've been really impressed by much of the shared work so far. I could just see everyone's experience becoming quite poor if the average Linux phone users experience ends up being 5 different sets of UX paradigms all mixed in together without any consistency, even if each of those 5 are really well designed and self consistent.

Continued cooperation and communication ftw! 😁


Differently packaged stuff is still how desktop Linux works. So you'll still have say gnome calculator on all platforms just with their respective packages.

However, with the exception of ubports, one could always install flatpak (maybe snap?) and just use the same apps across all platforms. So gnome calculator on your phone is the same as desktop.

@Blort I have been toying with a bunch of apps that would be nice to have to use the #Pinephone as a daily driver (and put videos on YouTube of that) – and ended up installing many of them from #Flathub. While there is no Flatpak support in UBports, this means on most other distributions you‘ll end up with the same package.

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