Shoutout to the #osw2020 organizers for putting together an extremely successful virtual event! 🎉 Even if it did mean I had to be awake and on camera by 5am the last three days. 😴 Still had a great bunch of #OAuth discussions!

So, have you heard of any progress on the horizon towards a self hostable identity/authorization login service yet?

Still waiting for the day that logging into another Fediverse service is as easy as logging into a new website with Facebook...(or at least that we can see progress towards something like it...) looked good. Not sure if is going anywhere. I'd love to hear about it if something is moving forward somewhere...

(Not sure if related or not)

@Blort I'm doing a talk at #APConf about exactly this... how the fediverse can use #OAuth to achieve exactly this goal!
Don't know if you're aware of the stuff I did with simple/automatic cross-domain auth. The most recent and stable variant is called OpenWebAuth and it's just HTTP signatures and webfinger. Have been using it in some form for about ten years now and couldn't imagine a fediverse without it.
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