Good news for all those waiting for #pinetime and #pinecube dev kits - They are available the the Pine Store (

NB. The PineTime now ships with @codingfield's FOSS InfiniTime firmware!

Yay! Has there been any word on any integration between the and the ?

Is it possible to see the with its case on?

@Blort @PINE64

Some people are working on companion apps for the Pinephone, but I don't think there's something usable for now... Wanna join them?

Gadgetbridge (Android) and Amazfish (SailfishOS, and it runs on the Pinephone) support the Pinetime (time synchronization, notifications,...).

Other than that, yesterday, I managed to use my Pinetime as a mouse for my Pinephone :p


That's cool. Really what I'd like it's too be able to choose which apps show notifications on the , and also to pass data like the heartrate back to the pinephone. I'm considering trying to learn coding on the pinephone by creating a sleep tracking app. Heartrate monitoring world help detect sleep when users fall asleep without remembering to set the app to sleep mode.

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