Youtube is going to start putting advertisements on more videos, including those that cannot be monetized by the uploader.

YT was never in our best interest, but even less so now.

Here's the details:

Now let's talk about what this means for creators, and what the hell we're going to do about it.

1) It means that the non-premium youtube experience for viewers is going to keep getting worse.

2) It means that sharing things like family videos, PSAs, showcases/portfolios, or videos for your business through youtube is no longer viable. You don't get to pick the ads, you have no control.

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Imagine you've embedded a YT video on your website, and YT decides to run a pre-roll ad for your competitor?

For a business big enough to have real servers, it doesn't matter. They'll just throw the video on their own servers and pay a CDN or whatever.

But for the small business down the road from you? The folks who can't afford to host their own videos, and can barely afford to host their own website? This is a mess of the highest order.

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So what do we do?

1) NewPipe and Freetube and Youtube-dl have been recommended in various places in the replies to this already, and they are positive but insufficient. Don't pay google, don't watch google's ads.

2) If you're a creator, start moving your videos elsewhere. Where? That's hard to say. I've been using Peertube and, but I'm a fucking nerd. Vimeo seems like a less horrible option than youtube (but also like a stopgap.)

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3) If you're a consumer, and a creator who's videos you enjoy are moved to somewhere other than YT, pay them if you can. Reward them for not using youtube.

$5/quarter, or something like that. ($1/month doesn't work because paypal or whoever else will eat most of that. A slightly larger payment slightly less often means more of that money in the creator's pocket.)

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We, as consumers, have to indicate a willingness to be flexible, to reward people who embrace their own platforms, to spread by word of mouth in place of the algorithm.

We, as creators, have to start experimenting. Youtube was never in our best interest. Letting someone else control your platform is never good.

(This ain't news. It's why you're all here.)

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There is a middle ground. The indieweb folks call it POSSE. Publish it on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.

The indieweb version of youtube is a video podcast with a website.

Publish an RSS feed with a link to the video on youtube, on vimeo, on, on peertube, and in a torrent or on Dat or IPFS or whatever if you're feeling brave.

Make sure the description of the YT video is just a summary and a link back to the canonical version. Always/only link to the canonical version.

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It splits your viewership numbers up over multiple platforms. I think that's fine, but other folks might not. It splits your potential revenue streams up over multiple platforms (I think that's fine! Let people pay you directly if they like your stuff, advertising is a failed model. Other folks might not agree.)

It's more work, but I imagine there's a tool to automate it, or we could make one pretty easily.

I guess it's time for me to start releasing episodes of my silly computer show.

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Lest you think this a new bandwagon for me, here are my thoughts on this subject from the past:

Why you should release art, even if you think it's bad -

We're bad at preserving the past, Youtube is bad for sharing media in 2017 -

How to Archive -

Why to archive -

This isn't a hypothetical, it happens -

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"The digital revolution enabled people to make their own media in ways never before possible, but we haven’t developed the technical or legal infrastructure required for long term archival and preservation. Laws like the DMCA criminalize breaking digital locks, even if the thing you would do after breaking the digital lock is completely legal.

Without active legal reform, much of our culture will remain inaccessible for years to come.

Put simply, we’re pretty shitty stewards of culture."

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I was on a real one when I wrote this, lol.

And it was before I had Mastodon, even, so I reference reaching out to me on Twitter several times.

I'll reiterate some of the offers I made there, here.

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If you want to make your own website, for free, message me. I'll help you get it online, I'll help you find places to host it. I'll help it live forever.

If you have media you produced and you need help archiving or documenting it, I'll probably help with that too (time permitting, but it probably will.)

If you want to help build a thing that will serve as a viable community alternative to youtube, and might outlive it, HMU.

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As with so many other things, the real solution would be two things:

1. Support decentralized systems wherever possible (financial, using for your creations, submit code, help with triaging or community support, documentation, translation etc)

2. We need to massively simplify self hosting. Currently seem the best options, but all need to simplify more of the technical side for normal users. Helping out these projects would help greatly, too.

@Blort yunohost is easy enough for a non-technical user building with support, but it doesn't have a video sharing option.

@hairylarry @Blort What hardware is behind it? How well is that working?

I didn't realize yunohost had a peertube module, but I'll have to try it.

@ajroach42 @Blort I'm running on a whitebox PC with the Yunohost distro. Built from scraps. AMD quadcore cpu. 4 gig of ram. Primarily a place to collect my own media.

I use myself. They do an amazing job considering the size of the team and the complexity of the task.

That said, setting up still requires learning about opening ports, updating to adjust for dynamic IP addresses, dealing with routers that don't do NAT loopback/hairpinning etc etc.

I just wish @PINE64 would get together with @yunohost and and make a router that did most of this automatically.

Yunohost's diagnostic tools are a huge step in the right direction,tho

@Blort @ajroach42 @PINE64 We kinda "got together" but more with the FFDN folks to create the Internet Cube which tries to create a real plug-and-play homeserver and works around the whole issue of "configuring port forwarding" and all the complicated stuff by using a VPN from the FFDN.

This significantly lower the technical cost, but on the other hand there's the new "human" cost of "contact the right people to order the cube & VPN"


@Blort @ajroach42 @PINE64

We're in the process of heavily simplifying the install procedure which is currently quite complex

Ideally we would still need to revamp the homepage to make it simpler, and I guess supporting Raspberry Pis would be a huge boost even though they ain't really "open hardware" :s


The install process on a pi 4 is simple enough that I was able to talk a non-technical user through it in about half an hour.

The tricky part for us was that a lot of what we were hoping to run didn't work on the hardware on which we were trying to run it, and a couple of the applications had no or wonky LDAP integration.

That's all manageable, I'm gearing up to contribute.

@ajroach42 @Blort I'm not sure what you mean, there is #peertube I'm self-hosting via #yunohost and it's practically a one-click install. It works great as a home to make playlists, follow others as well, even without following entire instances. I find it a much "cleaner" experience as well, no garbage that you need to live with.

@lps @Blort Yeah, I installed peertube via yunohost yesterday.

The last time I had tried was on ARM hardware, and I had a bad time. I had forgotten that it was an option.

Single user instances are the best, you're plugged into the rest of the ecosystem but still have the ability to curate your experience, I love it! This is something NO OTHER alternative can do.

@ajroach42 @Blort
Another great feature, I use it to "archive" YouTube videos that go "missing" from YouTube by importing via URL to have my own copies but not simply as files on a hard drive but an actual frontend.

@ajroach42 I hear podcasters, commenters mention that all the time. This is the solution, we can even mirror the content between us:)

Maybe the issue is simply one of obscurity, if it doesn't have a marketing budget, it doesn't involve crypto no one hears about it.

This is a major reason I call out projects and creators to actually USE the tools and promote them. If we don't who will!?

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