I have a dream... a dream that I am unlikely to ever fulfill, and yet refuses to die. My dream is this:

I'd love to fork some app, and modify it to take out most of the UI, but instead have it so you log in with your account and then all it does is automatically download and seed every video that you like, helping those videos download faster for everyone.

In my dream, it becomes endorsed by @Framasoft and tons of people download it, helping the whole community.

@Blort @Framasoft I reckon webtorrent desktop is already 80% there. You should see if you can plug it into the peertube API then just change the UI to look like a tube site.

That sounds like an excellent idea. Happily though it sounds like @cuttlefish has already beat me to it. 😄

@Blort @manicphase @Framasoft your help would be more than welcome though, Cuttlefish is still in very (very, very) early stages 😉

While I'd be happy to help, my skills are in and rather than coding. Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to help in these areas!
@manicphase @Framasoft

@Blort @Framasoft Why do you need a UI at all? There are torrent libraries and CLI clients, you just need to feed the the video torrents somehow.

I don't *need* a gui, but I'd *like* a gui. 😜

Cuttlefish though is primarily an app to actually view videos and comment on the network, so a gui is useful there. It's "just" a fabulous bonus that you can make it so videos you favorite are seeded automatically. After all, a single click on "like" under the video you just watched is easier than finding the torrent url, copying it, switching to a terminal, pasting and entering the command to seed.

@Blort @Framasoft forgive me for hijacking this thread, but it came up under the marketing hashtag. Was curious how you guys would market a P2P Usenet type service with filesharing to the masses.

Planning to charge ~$6 annually for product upkeep, and renovations.

Interesting. I don't see why this particular thread would come up under , although that is what my day job is related to... 🤔

Anyway, the standard approach would be to identify what problem your product solves, then who suffers from that problem enough to be willing to give what you need to solve it, then who/where they get their trusted info from, then figure out what you can provide that party to share info about how your product can function as a solution.

@ki4jgt @Framasoft
(with a clearly defined call to action)

From there you need people to opt in to receiving communication from you (email/ social) related to their problem/your product, get them try it in a low risk way, get feedback for product development, then encourage sharing.

Using this for projects often requires some nuance, eg. remembering that "required resources" may be more code/time/expertise than cash etc. It's communication and community first, not grabbing credit cards.

@ki4jgt @Framasoft
$6 a year though isn't enough to provide a financially viable business that provides reliable uptime, quality customer service, growth and room for unexpected expenses (of which there will be *many*).

I'd charge at least 14.99, and split the extra between what I just mentioned above with the growth part being used to access the info sources (eg pay writers for relevant guest blog posts, referral fees, conference stalls etc.)

Shoestring budgets make for slow growth.

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