I'm pretty excited for the upcoming release of Owncast, an open-source video streaming solution (think self-hosted Twitch)!

@gabek is testing the latest version in preparation for the next release, streaming some tunes on his Owncast instance at goth.land/ right now!

Drop by and say hello in the chat, if you want to see Owncast in action!


Just watched a pretty impressive demo of a platform (nothing to do with ownCloud), already shipping with working chat.


It isn't , but takes an stream (hello, ) and shares it on a rather nice looking webpage, from what I can tell. Early days yet, but already working surprisingly well!

If is more like, then this is more like .

Seems to be developed by @fribbledom among others.

@Blort @fribbledom Sweet! Wonder how it compares to OSP [which we use, our partner runs a server].

@Blort @fribbledom makes sense to not be P2P, any P2P implementation necessitates a delay to be able to spread data across peers, which is often an issue for chat interaction

For reference, the solution my employer uses for the large internal webcasts has a delay of 20 seconds after the live feed, so peers can download random chunks instead of sequential ones, as downloading sequentially would significantly limit the benefits of P2P


you could even combine the two since PeerTube hasn't implemented streaming yet and Owncast (as far as i understand) isn't designed to host static videos ->
stream with Owncast, record with OBS and then archive the video on PeerTube


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