Wow. The scene is heating up! We have testing betas that should soon make livestreaming available to any instance that wants it, and at the same time we have , which just got front page of , and 1000 stars on in a single day.


Peertube is currently more like Youtube streaming, with load assistance from your viewers. Owncast is currently more polished with chat and a style interface, but no load assistance I know of.

@Blort @fluxx don't forget open streaming Server, which is quite capable as well and which is soon releasing a major update

@Blort @fluxx it's written in python/flask and based on nginx-rtmp. It has a concept of edge nodes (dumb endpoints that are just cranking out http/hls) so it can scale somewhat large without much setup. We ran a conference on there with ~130 viewers at once. It can also restream to anything else that understands rtmp (basically every laelrge service).

@Blort Something missing from youtube is the ability to block it easily with a adsl gateaway url filter . I guess partly'cause it's https. So i wish #peertube be #blackblockeasy and allowing in parallel safelinks to it. #safelinkfriendly

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