With privacy, over and over advocates only talk about social media profiling being used to change which ads are served.

The ads are the least important part.

Profiling matters because all of the app/website(s) of commercial social networks - especially the *content* is a behavioral modification experiment. Data collected is key to training the machine learning, creating a personalized model of how to influence your behavior. This is why they, not you, choose what you see on your timeline.

@Blort that's it! 👆

SILOs with algorithmic timelines are all engaged in a global "behavioral modification experiment".

Without a doubt you're familiar with Lifelog. Really the entire closed social media ecosystem is data collection for these sorts of projects.

@Blort and there's also the risk of that data being used for other things, like deciding whether you get a credit or what kind of health insurance rates you're offered etc - and maybe even by oppressive governments to decide who will get "special treatment"

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