Hey! I wanna know, what the h*ck are you doing with your #LinuxPhone 😁?

I see lots of people excited about development, but rarely see people post about what they're doing with their #Linux handsets, so leave a comment below 👇

@postmarketOS @thepine64 @UBports


@calebccff @postmarketOS

Things I'm doing with my phone:
* Listening to podcasts
* Making the a weirder place via
* Talking to my family (calls and texts)
* Reading feeds (via news in a browser)
* Learning Spanish (via on the web browser)
* Doing calculations for my work
* Using alarms for work reminders
* Organizing my todo lists (Via Nextcloud Tasks in the web browser)

+more. Still want a good email and XMPP client.

Geary 40 for email is pretty good, as well as Dino for XMPP, but you need to compile the feature/handy branch.
@calebccff @postmarketOS

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