Wow. Someone got , a 3.5 minute+ music video, to play in it's entirety on the @PINE64 smart watch.

This device has a total of 64kb of RAM.

Y'all are crazy!

@Blort @PINE64 as an aside, that song totally slaps, and the animation is great.

@drh @PINE64

Yeah. Things like this blow me away with what the community is able to pull off and makes me optimistic about what's possible in 's future. 💕

@Blort @PINE64 just received my PineTime watch in the post yesterday. Got it all going and connected to my phone (LineageOS + Gadgetbridge). Heart missed a beat this morning when I, unthinking, wore it in the shower and the screen went all funny. Restarted it and it seems fine again. Lovely watch, like that it's form-over-function - no unnecessary (frivolous) "styling".

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