Would you use danmaku in #peertube if supported?
(will consider making it)

Note: Danmaku are rolling comments superimposed on video at the user-defined time, looks like this (DPlayer): camo.githubusercontent.com/882

Why danmaku?
Because that is one way to motivate people to make more comments and engage.

If you look at #peertube videos now, they barely even have comments.
Yet the ability to interact with the video from anywhere in the federation is one of the hallmark peertube features.

With danmaku on peertube, you could leave your mark on someone's video without even leaving #mastodon .

Also I do not know of any english-speaking video platform having it, so a chance to make your server very distinct.


@houkimenator Sounds a bit like what SOundcloud do with comments, but on video... That would be really cool! That said, I think a bigger reason for not having many comments on Peertube videos is that it isn't as quick and easy. Even if you're logged in to your Mastodon / Peertube account, if you watch a video on another instance you can't just type a comment and hit submit. Also surfacing relevant content to users needs major work.

That said, this would be a very cool Peertube plugin!

@Blort Commenting feels easy enough at least from mastodon side.

* You subscribe to a channel from your masto istance.
* It gets into your feed.
* You can watch it right away
* And you can comment on it right away too.

Here I commented just from mastodon because I follow Chris.


I think the biggest barrier here is to discover #peertube channels and videos from #mastodon side.
Hard unless they are shared under tags or someone reposts them.

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