Wow. Yunohost 4.3 is in testing and this is shaping up to be a πŸ”₯HOTπŸ”₯ release!

They're adding support to:
πŸ”§ Have Yunohost autoconfigure your domains DNS for you
βš™οΈ The ability for apps to have configuration settings unique to the app when installing
πŸ›‘οΈ A range of improved security measures
πŸ‘₯ User import/export
🏠 Improved support for local network only .local domains and...well, there's a LOT.

Boost and help out with testing if you can! πŸ’•

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@Blort yunohost is an amazing project, thanks to all the developers and contributors:)

@Blort wait so are .local domains for stuff only accessable on the local network?

@Blort Yah these yunohost humans are really amazing.

@selea They're doing a poll at the moment as to which registrars they should test/support first. PowerDNS is one of the options, so go vote if you'd like to see it!


The whole thread is wrong thou, since they are mixing up registrars and DNS-providers.

@selea Well, yes. I think you're right. It sounds like they actually are referring to domain name settings for registrars, but that often gets lumped in with DNS services, even if they're not referring to setting a DNS server.


I might be picky, but I think it is important to use the correct terms, especially when I am working that kind of business.
Mixing up the terms can cause some real trouble :/

@Blort Self-service (register etc) would be such a great addition..

@Blort this is beautiful @yunohost. Congratulations and good luck as always.

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