@typomustakes I'd ask about the minimum features you need by OS instead. Here's mine for Manjaro+:
: Webmail only :(
Matrix client: Nice, but slow
Camera: App OK, but needs denoise.
Web browser: Nice but slow. Video a bit stuttery
Calls: Some audio issues. Improving.
Texts: OK'ish. MMS...soon?
Battery life: ~8hrs light use.
contacts: Works!
Navigation: Nope.
Podcasts: Good (Kasts)
Cal/ToDo: Nice but experimental (Kalendar)
Masto: Web only

Future: Bright and improving!

@Blort and how about the AnBox project? How well does it run Android apps?

@typomustakes I'd love to know, too, but I haven't actually tried Anbox / Waydroid, although I've heard the latter is a major improvement.

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