This holiday season, if you're going to buy friends and family presents, consider skipping Amazon and supporting some of your friendly, independent fedi artists instead!

Grab a beautiful calendar from @sylvia_ritter , a sublime in drawing print from @lila_bliblu an absurdist cult membership from @onan or one of thousands of great pieces of art from tags like or .

Artists (of all descriptions) please post links to where people can buy your stuff in a reply!

Please boost!

One more link, this time to where you can pick up some lovely gifts and support digital painting star and spokesperson, David Reevoy ( @davidrevoy ):

Happy , all!

Lovely looking cute tower defense game by @rejke called It's made with the game engine. It only seems to be available through , right now but you can find it via:

Hopefully they'll make it available directly one day (and let us pay them the 30% currently going to Steam instead!)

Still, a fun looking non gift for the season! 💕

Happy !

Know someone who loves cute fantasy / gaming plushies and collectibles?

Karen C ( @silverseams ) has some adorable plushies and gaming / dragon related items that would make a fun free gift (or stocking stuffer)!

You can find their Etsy shop at SilverSeams 💕 :

Happy !

Looking for another free present these ?

Check out , an online by @sandycyborg !

A post-apocalyptic adventure that "includes punching, bloodshed, gore, murder, more punching, colourful language, sexual themes, and plenty of other things that might make you uncomfortable. Enjoy." (plus fantastic art!) 😁

New pages every Friday:

PDF (gift!) chapters for a few $ at:

or support them:

@Blort @sylvia_ritter @onan

Wow thank you very much Blort! :gribz_3:

You can find most of my stuff for sale in my shop here :

@Blort Aww, you are the best 🤗 . Thank you so much! 🌼 🌻 🌸

@Blort Roll up! Roll up! The Church of the SubGenius heals ruined members of a crumbling society! Eternal Salvation or Triple Your Money Back! Ride on a real flying saucer at the end of the world, waving goodbye to anybody who ever caused you the slightest inconvenience as you head toward PLANET X.

:jrbd: I make art too ! ( ) also create custom pieces with stones and crystals unique for the person who is asking. :-) Say, someones birthstone is garnet. Got em, etc etc etc! #orgonesystems

@Blort @sylvia_ritter @lila_bliblu @onan

you can find numbers of VIVE LA RESISTANCE (bulldada guerrilla zine ) here:


also music to download :angery:


@lps @sandycyborg

You're welcome! Every {$CURRENCY_UNIT} funneled from to an independent artist these are gift to us all in my book!

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