You know what would be *really* great? Federated @Wikipedia (using ActivityPub or a fork of it).

Yes. Federated wikipedia. Like mastodon but.. instead of a social media site, it's wikis.

Millions of articles spread out on different servers. All editable. Someone should do this!


@libreleah How would you decide which server held the canonical page on any given subject? If you didn't, how would people distinguish between 1000 different pages on the same popular subject? It seems to me that the very nature of a wiki is to be a single, centralized source, but maybe I'm just not thinking out of the box enough here. I'd be curious how you see this challenge.

@Blort i don't think i would even attempt to solve this. however, we could think of it like the traditional usenet paradigm, and individual wiki hosts can decide what articles they copy between themselves, and adapt.

an "authoritative" article is so through social means. a person or group earns the respect from the community to become a recognized authority in a given field. i don't think that's really a problem

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