I'm trying to get push notifications without invoking the privacy-killing beast that is .

Has anyone managed to set up notifications on their phone using @unifiedpush ? I'm using @yunohost with @nextcloud so I could install Yunohost's Gotify (or must it be Gotify-Up?). I'm trying Nextcloud's UnifiedPush provider though. If I install -Up / on my phone, what URL should I to set it to? Oh for a clear tutorial.

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On ntfy's release into F-Droid, UnifiedPush revamped the documentation organization.

On the home page it says the TL;DR is install ntfy, and it should automatically work.

@Blort @unifiedpush @yunohost @nextcloud

If you want to self-host, Gotify and Nextcloud and ntfy are not related. It is one or the other

All the requirements for setting up Nextpush (unifiedpush with nextcloud) are described on the NextPush page

If you want help with self-hosting, feel free to join UnifiedPush's IRC or Matrix chat

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So, if I use NextPush, can I get notifications from any other webapp other than my Nextcloud? Eg, if I self host Mastodon, or Matrix/Synapse/Element, can I use my NextPush install to get notifications from these?

@Blort @unifiedpush @yunohost @nextcloud this probably needs to be documented better but NextPush cannot receive Nextcloud notifications at all. It only uses Nextcloud as a hosting platform. Nextpush can be use with all the apps listed here

@Blort @nextcloud @yunohost @karmanyaahm @unifiedpush ntfy app works with his server, and by default with server. Last version of ntfy apps works as unifiedpush relays for apps.
Nextcloud's UnifiedPush provider should be used with NextPush, which I could not test because i'm stuck on android 6 and it needs t least 7.
For your question I've made a quick test to use gotify app with Nextcloud's UnifiedPush provide with no success...
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