@frd not sure they gave pitivi fair shakes... seems here to have gotten stable again.
I think I might be getting davinci though.. #darkside

@bkurdali Never managed to use Pitivi due to crashes. But to be fair last time I tried it was about 2 years ago...

I confess that I have been tempted to check it out. #resisting

@frd it is more towards the easy/simple than pro spectrum, but has some nice design for that, e.g. importing a clip into a fresh project sets the project resolution/fps to that clip. It does framerate conversion quite well, and most of the ui is well thought out. It needs a bit more stability, some more design for the color pipeline and a few more 'pro' features (mainly for workflow) but it could get there. I think mlt might be more mature than gstreamer/ges but I hope it will get there.

@bkurdali Interested in hearing your experience with DaVinci. Is it because of your footage/coloring, stability/pro-tools or both?

@frd It's mostly that I'm looking for a grading tool, and it comes with an editor. Long term I'll switch back to free software only though.

@frd I don't mind dipping my toes in the proprietary world once in a while, to get an idea of what's being done there.

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