My Basil is sick. Does anybody know what is wrong and how I can cure it?

@Bro666 von meinen Twitter follower:
Thrips tabaci, Frankliniella occidentalis

@abbienormal @Bro666 sorry I'm not sure I just grow basil outside and it usually dies from cold not disease/pests so I don't have any experience dealing with this :(

@Bro666 i had something similar last year, it was little bugs/flies that nothing worked on -.-
@Dananner @Bro666 I tried pongamia oil but it feels like it's more of a prevention than a cure

@piggo @Bro666 I don't know about a cure. I usually go the prevention route and pull off anything damaged or diseased so it doesn't spread.

Also, I am not a great gardner. I'm just happy my basil and lavender are still alive.

@piggo This may be it.... I hope. The alternative, fungus, is dire.

@Bro666 I grow a bunch of basil but never seen anything like this. My guess would be nutrient deficiency. Are you reusing your soil?

Other than that there's downy mildew which sometimes looks a bit yellow but not exactly like this - check for brown/black spots. It's a fungus and there's no treatment and it spreads so you should get rid of it asap if that's the case.

@Bro666 @Dananner @Wraptile @kmic @ecamoteur look very closely if you see anything moving, i had something tiny black like this and it's some kinda mites. but this to me looks fungal tbh. remove the sick leaves and hope ...

@piggo @ecamoteur @Dananner @Bro666 those are called "spider mites" and there's over a thousand species but most of them live under the leaves and leech of the plant while spinning their silk to cover their thiefy little butts.

@Bro666 without bigger magnification I still have some doubts but my bet is on thrips larvae (I don’t think it’s downy mildew).
How to cure it depends on what methods are acceptable to you.
(E.g. you can cut off almost all of it and it will grow back).

Had to look up English name but can confirm what @kmic mentioned, most likely thrips.

I don't know how accessible it is to you but I use neem oil + water spray to avoid them and other buggers.

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