version 1.9.1 is released as a preview version, this means:

* If you haven't already add the f-droid repo
* pull down to refresh your repos
* make sure you have an up-to-date microg version, if you are using that (that probably means you need to manually open and manually install the latest release, because f-droid is buggy)
* manually install CCTG

Please report any problems.

I don't use microG and after updating from previous version the app open, wrote "verify data" or something like that and crash.
Then after next app start everything works.

I even force closing the app before app restart but no problems.

Android 11. GrapheneOS

@Utgardloki Do you have the option to log at the logcat from the crash? It would need a lot of scrolling up in the log but if you didn't reboot the phone it should still be there.

@Utgardloki When using adb from your computer, you could also use this command to only look at crashes (and not have to scroll up as much):

`adb logcat --buffer=crash`

Sadly to late. I already reboot for testing if the app crash again at first start but everything is okay.

@Utgardloki Some of us could reproduce the issue, fortunately, so don't worry :D

It seems my F-Droid is buggy or it's me.

I add the repo to F-Droid
I synced it by pulling down.
Now CCTG is shown as "updated today" but I can't install the version 1.9.1, only 1.7.something is available.
Even if I go directly to the repo in F-Droid the is only 'remove' and 'open' available.

Am I stupid?

Okay I am stupid.
I had to select it from 'Available Versions' at the lower end in F-Droid.
I'm sorry. I didn't know about that section

@CCTG Are pre-releases on the bubu repo signed with the same key as the FDrdoid release?

@CCTG Nice, then I will add the repo and see if I can help with testing :)

@CCTG I've updated from (f-droid) to / using your repo. Right after installing the phone crashed and restarted. seemed to cure it, but turning on flight mode the same happened again. Unintall helps, also is ok. This is a Sony X Compact with stock firmware (Android 8.0.0) incl. play services (disabled as much as possible). No manual install of microG. Anything I can provide from my side?

@flobo This sounds very much like this bug:

This should already be fixed though, can you comment in that issue or open a new one @ microg?

@CCTG ok, thanks. I'll try to find out. It sounds similar while I get way further than just the lock screen.

@CCTG I can no longer reproduce this with

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