To our European friends: you can use CCTG outside of Germany! We’ve added an entry to our FAQ containing all the relevant info:

It’s very short, and yet, here’s a summary of how you can use our app:
✅ Record exposures
✅ Be warned about risk contacts from participating countries
✅ Warn others (need to call TAN hotline)
✅ Contact journal (it’s an offline feature anyway)
❌ Access your test results

See the attached photo for a list of supported countries.

The statistics in the app are, of course, specific to Germany, but don’t let them discourage you 😊

@CCTG Thanks! This information should imo be part of the description in f-droid.

@CCTG That is very cool! I just installed it and am reading through the privacy notice (team @ToSDR represent), of which section 4 says:

> Q: Who is the app aimed at?
> A: The app is aimed at people who are resident in Germany and at least 16 years old.

@vinnl Great hint, this might need some adjustment then.

(We are not legal experts and our privacy policy is merely an adjusted version of upstream’s one.)

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