What do people think about translating CCTG to more languages? We currently have de, en, bg, ro, tr and pl translations from CWA, others would need to be translated from scratch. The app contains quite a lot of text and much of it relates to either healthcare advice or data protection notices or technical details about the exposure notification functionality, so the translations wouldn't be easy and would need to meet quite a high standard.

Do you think there's value in starting this effort? Do you think we can get translations to a high enough quality standard?

Thanks to those who responded. Overall there wasn't as much interest in this as we had hoped. We think that for each language we add we'd need a dedicated language maintainer that oversees the translation effort into that language.

We still would like to make this happen, but at the moment with the resources we have right now it doesn't seem feasible.

If you have any thoughts about this, please talk to us!

@CCTG spanish, french, italian, portuese within Europe are a must. Hmm, where to find those translators.

@jayrope Yeah, I'd love to have these languages in particular (plus Russian, I think). But as said before it's a lot of work on difficult material. 😕

@jayrope Not right now, for a short overview you can take a look here:

The main source file is strings.xml with supplementary stuff in the XXXX_strings.xml files.

@CCTG I looked through word counts in strings.xml - en and de - for an overview, around 20.000. Taking double lines and code out I'd estimate approx. +/- 8000 words for translation. Is this only for CCTG or also the "official" Telekom version?

@jayrope @CCTG We do not expect that CWA will incorporate community-provided translations, even professional ones. Besides this, there would only be little difference between the CCTG and the CWA strings.

@fynnDirect @CCTG I ask, because I try to make sure not to talk capable good friends into voluntarily work supporting an open source app while eventually supplying (then unpaid) copy-content for a commercial version.
The Telekom version seems a commercial one, because without financing they wouldn't have started that. Let me know, if or what i see from a false angle here. I think what it will need is a free license for CCTG and another for the Telekom version, if they want that content at all.

@jayrope @CCTG CWA for Android is definetly a commercial project developed by SAP (not Telekom, who only hosts the infrastructure), though both CWA as well as Android are released under the same Apache 2.0 license.

In the past CWA has not reacted upon free, likely high-quality community translations (in this case, to Arabic). It is doubtful that they would adapt translations if they are not offered to them, and of course some adaptions would also be necessary.

@jayrope @CCTG However unless the CCTG project adpots a different license, which is incompatible with CWA (like GNU GPL v3), there is also no way to prevent CWA from copying translations.

Anyhow, it does not look like we will establish a community translation system at this moment.


I‘m baffled there is no Russian translation, given the amount of people in the eastern part of Germany.
Also wondering there is no mention of acknowledged minorities

@CCTG I don't think it's worth it. There're a lot of languages already. The most important languages are English and German (since it's a German app).

There are enough people who can't read neither English nor German, already in Germany. Though it's an app mainly developed in and for Germany, the same technique runs and the app is usable in several countries. Also it supports all three types of EU certificates for all EU countries.

@erAck @CCTG What is enough to justify the effort was the initial question. Nobody is questioning that there're people who can't read one of the languages which are already available.

I think the main #cctg team should focus on the app itself. It's more than enough work. The government may fund further languages (#CWA). If someone else wants to jump in and help - please go ahead!

@CCTG if wished I could help with Italian, but where?

@CCTG I'm not sure if we should start this on our own. This is really important and a bad translations might does more harm than good.

I would rather try to push upstream to get the BMG to pay an agency for the translation. If we can overpay millions for masks, we can afford a few thousands for good translations.

Much seconded (have funded translations upstream).

@erAck @sheogorath @CCTG

Yes... But how? I don't think it's planned even though there have been requests. And me or us writing them an email isn't going to make it happen either... So any ideas on how to proceed?

@Bubu @erAck @CCTG Mhm, maybe an open letter can help? Get people to sign it, I could imagine we could get clubs and organisations to sign this and maybe create a bit of a media echo?

@sheogorath @erAck @CCTG

Mmh, that's not something I feel like I'm particularly good at or want to do (generating media echo). So maybe others would want to push this?

@CCTG What are the resources like? Is there any budget to simply ask professional translators?

@CCTG Could offer professional Spanish translation, but not for free. Is there a budget for this?

@e_sphaera @jayrope

The @CCTG project is not a legal entity and thus does not have a bank account with funds on its own. Any spendings would therefore have to be financed privately by contributors (from their donation income), or by other sources.

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