You can now manually update to CCTG via our repo at

The release should be fairly stable but we'll probably do a few more days of open beta testing before it's pushed out as a recommended update.

Feel free to check out the huge: changelog here:

We'll do a more detailed announcement once the release is pushed out to everyone.

Thanks again for your patience ❤️.


This already is possible since this feature depended on a CWA server side update only.

See (German)

@maximpistos oh I didn't know that. Thanks for the clarification. I always assumed I needed an update of the app

@TheBiostarfly @IzzyOnDroid This is possible regardless of the version, the Luca QR codes must only not be older than May.

@CCTG Warum gibt es eigentlich keine deutschen Beschreibungen mehr?

Hey @CCTG,
After installing the new update it seems that I can't get the #CoronaWarnCompanion app to work anymore :mastoflushed:
It doesn't even appear in the list of apps to export data to 🤷
(Huawei #P20pro, not rooted, Android, #CWC from org.tosl.coronawarncompanion)

Sorry, @CCTG - everything works fine :mastoinnocent:
I just fell for the wrongful impression that I should find #CoronaWarnCompanion when I choose to export from the diary instead of the contact heat map :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

@CCTG nach dem Update ist die Risiko-Ūberptüfung fehlgeschlagen. Gibt's da einen Trick?

@Kurt Da sollte es einen button geben um das einfach nochmal zu starten? Sollte dann eigentlich einfach funktionieren.

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