As you might have noticed the 2.14 version still hasn't made it into the repository.

This is (again) due to failing reproducible builds (

We unfortunately currently lack the time to dig into this, so it's likely that it'll be a while before this is solved.

Maybe someone else could try and figure out what's going on this time?

Added some more details on how to help to the linked issue.


Nach Deutsch mit #deepl

Wie ihr vielleicht bemerkt habt, hat es die Version 2.14 immer noch nicht in das Repository geschafft.

Das liegt (mal wieder) daran, dass es keine reproduzierbaren Builds gibt (



Leider fehlt uns derzeit die Zeit, uns damit zu beschäftigen, so dass es wahrscheinlich noch eine Weile dauern wird, bis das #Problem gelöst ist.

Vielleicht kann jemand anderes versuchen, herauszufinden, was dieses Mal los ist?


Hmm, that's strange because version shows in Fdroid

Yes but this is their own repository.

As far as I understood, @CCTG is talking about the #fdroid main repo, where an identical (reproducible) build should be offered by the F-Droid people.

Ah, right, forgot that I had added their repository too.

@jurgenhaas @CCTG vielleicht ist die Versionsnummer im Post falsch und es war 2.14.2 oder 2.15 gemeint?

I'm not an Android expert and have no idea how to help you there. But I started to support you via #liberapay now. 😉

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