Everybody who means business is doing free and open source. And what works for code development might work the entire organization, eventually.


They say Santa does not exist. But we have all received so many gifts due to this man, from millions of helpful elves working tirelessly all over the world.

Turns out “net neutrality” was making you and your ISP pay with your freedom and efficiency for somebody else's idea of “neutrality”. I only hope EU politicians learn from this new evidence, but I suspect it will just happen to never be brought up... unless we bring it ;)


Wrapping up two days of neuroscientific hacking in our second venue at the USZ Unispital Thanks everybody for being amazing!

Finally done! A walkthrough to assembling the COSplayer — an open source, microsecond-accurate stimulus delivery device developed for biomedical engineering and preclinical fMRI.


Cut together a video to better document the methods for your publication, I thought. It will be so much fun, I thought.

Dark days for freedom: Linux has adopted a Code of Conduct which mandates political alliegence and has a history of being used for speech policing and harassment (e.g: archive.is/olSA1 , archive.is/VBe4N ).

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I always place transparency and reproducibility first, still, I am quite concerned about the reproducibility brigades. With a distinctly religious and iconoclastic tone, these people are less concerned about making their own science better, and more concerned about mobbing others. It seems they came to science hoping to become not scientists (who by definition always err) but priests. And seeing that they cannot be priests, they decide to become religious thugs instead.


If you're into beautiful Alpine scenery, Romanesque architecture, reproducible data analysis, transparent publishing, and Python, you can get the latest pitch and tutorial for at 2018 in (and you can still register!).


Today (well, yesterday), for the first time this year, I left the lab without scrambling for literally the last bus. I'm unsure whether this “relaxed lifestyle” is for me, bur I might look to explore it again tomorrow.

Navigating the wet lab is treacherous. The ship has sunk and survivors are being evacuated to the nearest platform.

An animal rights activist just shot 3 people at YouTube HQ.

“For me, animal rights equal human rights,” she said, back when pretending to oppose death and pain:

Turns out you can't elevate animals without devaluing humans.

Get ready for the upcoming , Switzerland's foremost hackathlon for reproducible, transparent, and Pythonic neuroscience! brainhack-zurich.github.io/

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