Join us again this fall for Brainhack Zurich! A free and conference on all things and .

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Hi @milan , thank you for admining this instance. I recently noticed that blocks a number of other instances. I initially registered here to avoid cases when someone who isn't me decides who I can social media with. Is there any way to remove these blocks and decide for myself what (if any) users actually bother me?

Doctor of Science, accomplished
by developing a new assay for monoaminergic function and psychopharmacological profiling in vivo – and the infrastructure to support it.

Find out why monoaminergic systems are excellent targets for basic and applied research — as well as methods development.

An education lecture from the ETH and University of Zurich Animal Imaging Center:

Our stimulation delivery system (soft+hardware) has just been published in .

Use this Free and Open Source solution to deliver -standard stimulus trains in you stimulus evoked experiments, and benefit from excellent interoperability with ParaVision for !

Free and Open Source Software history and intro course at the ETH and University of Zurich. Each semester we hold a lecture series to familiarize new students with the concept of FOSS --- and this is how we kick it off!

@eth @ETH_en @UZH_en

Our flagship MRI workflow package just reached more commits than there have been years since the birth of Christ. As you would expect, we owe this to abundant work, and scant commit discipline XD

The Alternative (who also bring you the Linux Days each semester), invited RMS to give a talk at the ETH in Zurich. Come join us, and learn about the hard-line “Free Software” view on current digital events.

Our newest manuscript --- improving transparency, inter-study comparability, and robustness of preclinical MRI registration --- is out. Get it while it's hot!

One of my favorite collaborators recently took me on an excursion into the world of angiogenesis. It turned out really nicely, with beautiful figures in what I now realize are the Romanian national colors :D

Facebook managed to blacklist the University of Zurich Psychological Institute website. Great job everybody.

debugging drives you to such heights of desperation that you decide to listen to some Lovecraft audiobooks to cheer yourself up.

Hmmm, small cozy seaside town with the option of eternal life as an aquatic humanoid, very good, yes. 🤔

Everybody who means business is doing free and open source. And what works for code development might work the entire organization, eventually.

They say Santa does not exist. But we have all received so many gifts due to this man, from millions of helpful elves working tirelessly all over the world.

Turns out “net neutrality” was making you and your ISP pay with your freedom and efficiency for somebody else's idea of “neutrality”. I only hope EU politicians learn from this new evidence, but I suspect it will just happen to never be brought up... unless we bring it ;)

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