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2018-01 Picture of the Month at the Animal Imaging Center:

Visual Inspection of multi-session registration coherence - with (github.com/IBT-FMI/SAMRI).


at the Animal Imaging Center: ROI histograms for my favorite stimulation protocol.

Analysis and plots via: github.com/IBT-FMI/SAMRI

An animal rights activist just shot 3 people at YouTube HQ.

“For me, animal rights equal human rights,” she said, back when pretending to oppose death and pain:

Turns out you can't elevate animals without devaluing humans.

Get ready for the upcoming , Switzerland's foremost hackathlon for reproducible, transparent, and Pythonic neuroscience! brainhack-zurich.github.io/

So you really have to start wondering in whose name US social/media giants are censoring content 🤔


you swallowed so much PFA that you feel a strange urge to join your brethren at Körperwelten...

most of your publications are still posters, but it's not that bad, because at least people are reading them.

The FOSS "community" = brilliant, driven, workaholic loners who perhaps lack nothing more than a cohesive sense of community.


Great opportunity for motivated BSc/MSc students to get on board with psychopharmacology, translational neuroimaging, and data science. Feel free to share!


2018-01 Picture of the Month at the Animal Imaging Center:

Visual Inspection of multi-session registration coherence - with (github.com/IBT-FMI/SAMRI).


In the anglosaxon-world tech sector “diversity” is newspeak for organized hostility towards men, whites, meritocrats, and purveyors of non-social-liberal facts.

Too little, too late, but at least the bigots might be taken to court for it: breitbart.com/tech/2018/01/08/

Eie Kollegin von mir sucht deutsche Mutersprachler für eine kurze Linguistikstudie. Seid cool, helft der Wissenschaft:


Mousie Mouse wishes you a Happy New Year, and best of luck in your own contribution to the knowledge of mankind!

As an open-minded academic, I oft found the radical leftist bias/blindness to evidence of my colleagues on hot political topics very confusing. I shouldn't have. Competence in interpreting data predicts ability to skew interpretation to your ideology.


So, on the occasion of my latest upload, I found out that if you upload a PNG to Facebook, it will convert it to JPG and apply some ridiculously high compression ( facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10 ) . Just like Twitter ( twitter.com/TheChymera/status/ ) but unlike Mastodon ( social.tchncs.de/@Chymera/9907 ).

Implemented plotting support for small animal stereotactic implant/injection design.

The target, as well as the skullsweep points, insertable (e.g. implant) length, and best site of entry are co-plotted on an anatomical template in “Paxinos” coordinates.


ist gescheitert. Minderheitsregierung wäre und war immer die beste Lösung. CDU und FDP können sich abhängig von der Angelegenheit von der SPD oder AfD die extra Stimmen holen.