After an amazing first fedi experience on @milan 's server, I have decided to move to my own :) Please follow me via

Supervised ML without manual annotation? Makes sense for 3D data. But how? See our 3D UNet implementation for small animal brain masking at today's poster session w/ @hendrik_klug

Our newest article on preclinical MRI preprocessing — don't use repurposed human workflows, use native workflows for the species you're working with, and get better results :)

Richard Stallman (RMS), the founder of the Free Software movement, is being mobbed out of his leadership position. “Hundreds” of butthurt social justice cultists have signed a letter calling for his removal, because he offended their precious speech codes.

Well, freedom can be loud as well.
Join the thousands who signed a letter to support him!

So you probably heard of this-or-that new gimmicky service to help you escape big tech. Here's a brief overview of what you should know to join the alt-tech exodus like a boss.

Whole-brain map of VTA dopaminergic stilumation in the mouse, as seen at

Analysis and data fully open source and accessible for hacking/reproduction:

With centralized online service providers becoming increasingly censorious and propagandistic — have any of you tried this decentralized search engine?

Code is code and should be structured according to what it means not to how it looks. And let's also kill arbitrarily deep indents for visual alignment. Each new logical level should be one and just one level deeper.

Our newest preprint on dopaminergic fMRI mapping in the mouse:

The source code is public ( ) and contains volumetric maps in NIfTI format registered to a standard space. You can just download and reuse them!

data standardization enables cross-center collaboration and workflow interchange — but constrains flexibility and metadata availability. Check out our compatibility layer for raw data.

Let us for a moment look past the click-baity title and the tendentious summary, and appreciate that we have reached a level of faux science where Science is citing *the guardian*...

PhD opportunity in psychopharmacology and neuroscience:

Our lab (ETH and Uni Zurich) is looking to support the PhD application of a student continuing my work on , , and development. For a summary of the project thus far and the tools you would be working with, you can refer to the following video. Contact me directly and soon in order to ensure a successful application.

I had no idea that many and explicitly advocate the which their very existence has implicitly embodied since forever.

I am however not at all surprised that the socialist media is taking issue with people embracing austerity and being successful, envisioning some contradiction between austerity and success. Beggars and emperors can and have learned from Stoicism and have benefited from it.

Less self-pity, more self-control.

From the series of the FOSS/hacker community being infiltrated by aggressive political actors: The is firmly against like obscene domain names, they are committed to full-sized aggressions.

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